Tough Road Ahead For D-Limonene Volatility

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If the latest projections are to be believed, D-Limonene’s unpredictable price is poised to get even more unstable. Reports released today are predicting an estimated 25% decline in Florida citrus yield.

D-Limonene Volatility Intensifying

These forecasts come from central Florida based consultant Elizabeth Steger, whose projections are respected and often believed to be the first trustworthy statistics from which to make business decisions. (Source: The Ledger) The estimated yield from Florida orange growers in 2016-17 is just 60.5 million boxes, down significantly from the 2015-16 mark of 81.5 million. If proven true, this will be the lowest yield since the 1963-64 season, which saw a mere 54.9 million boxes.

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D-Limonene, also known as Orange Terpenes, is derived from citrus fruit peels discarded during juice production. It is a sought after commodity due to it being an all-natural, biodegradable product. Its popularity has also increased because of its exceptional solvency in cleaning and degreasing applications.

But because it is a citrus-derived material, D-Limonene is notoriously one of the most volatile products on the market. Nearly all supply of D-Limonene comes from either Florida or South America, depending on whether which is “in season.” The erratic price can also be attributed to other natural causes. Like any other crop, citrus farms often fall victim to the weather. Dramatic changes in temperature, hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc., are all significant factors in the availability and volatility of D-Limonene.

These factors should all be taken into consideration before adding any sort of citrus-based cleaner to your repertoire. Unfortunately, there’s almost no way to predict the up and down turns D-Limonene might take. If it is an essential component to your product line, a certain does of endurance and patience is required to weather the fluctuating economics of D-Limonene.

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