Solvay Force Majeure Letter Notice

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Dear Valued Customer,
With regret we inform you that the recent freezing weather event has impacted raw materials, feedstock, utilities, logistics and labor availability in the region. As a result, a number of Solvay’s suppliers have declared Force Majeure and more are anticipated. As this event is ongoing, we are continuing to assess the overall impact on product availability and
transportation/logistics capability. While this event has impacted our facilities located in the affected region it has also impacted our ability to obtain key raw materials and feedstocks for some of our facilities located outside the impacted region.

Due to the reasons stated above, Solvay USA Inc. hereby declares that a Force Majeure event has occurred which will result in our inability to supply all or part of the quantities requested for the products or product families listed in the attachment. In addition, our facilities (including
warehouses) identified in the attachment have been directly impacted by the weather event resulting in the inability to produce or ship products. At this point, we are unable to specify how long this situation will last but we will keep you informed. Due to the widespread power outages across the region, many of our employees and facilities (including warehouses) do not have power or access to phone or email, so communications may be delayed.

We regret the difficult situation this presents to all concerned. Please contact your usual Solvay representative in order to provide you with details of how this Force Majeure event may affect your supply of Products and we will keep you updated as progress is made in returning to normal
production and operations.

Thank you for your understanding.

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