Vinyl Acetate Monomer is an organic liquid that is colorless.

  • CAS #: 108-05-4
  • EINECS #: 203-545-4
  • Synonyms: 1 – Acetoxyethylene; Acetic Acid, Ethenyl Acetate; Acetic Acid, Vinyl Ester; Ethenyl Acetate; VAM; Vinyl Acetate
  • Formula: C4H6O2


Vinyl Acetate Monomer is an organic liquid that is colorless. Vinyl Acetate has a distinct odor that is unpleasant and pungent. This is the opposite of most acetate esters, which are commonly used as an odorant. VAM has no such applications. Vinyl Acetate is a flammable liquid with a flash point of 19F, VAM has a boiling point of 162.9 and is miscible with most common organic solvents.

Hazardous Information:

  • UN: 1301
  • ERG: 129
  • Class: 3
  • Packing Group: II


Vinyl Acetate Monomer is mostly used in paints/coatings and is essential to polymer production. Vinyl Acetate Monomer is used to also produce Polyvinyl Acetate and Vinyl Acetate copolymers. Other applications include concrete, lacquers, nitrile rubber, wire, and paper coatings.

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