Triethylamine is colorless, volatile liquid commonly employed in organic synthesis as a base, most often in the preparation of various esters and amides.

  • CAS #: 121-44-8
  • EINECS # 7: 204-469-4
  • Formula: (CH3CH2)3N
  • Synonyms: N,N-Diethylethanamine • TEA


Triethylamine (TEA) is a clear, colorless liquid with a strong fishy- or ammonia-like odor. It has a boiling point of 194°F and a flash point of 20°F. It is soluble in ethanol and ether, and slightly soluble in water. TEA is an aqueous, flammable solution.

Hazardous Information:

  • UN 1296
  • Class 3
  • ERG 132
  • Packing Group II
  • Reportable Quantity


TEA is primarily used as a solvent or catalyst in organic chemical synthesis and is also commonly used in the manufacturing of certain pharmaceuticals, pesticides, inhibitors, and high-energy fuels. TEA is also used as a rubber vulcanization agent and accelerator, and has been seen in paint removers, anti-hardening agents, preservatives, resins, dyes, and perfumes.

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