Sebacic Acid is typically sold in either white granules or powdered crystal form.

  • CAS #: 111-20-6
  • EINECS #: 203-845-5
  • Synonyms: 1,10-Decandioic Acid; 1,8-Octanedicarboxylic Acid; Decandioic Acid
  • Formula: C10H18O4


This product has fatty acid odor and a flash point 428°F.  It is considered a non-hazardous product with no regulation by the DOT. This product is only slightly soluble in water and is derived from Castor Oil.


Many cosmetic products use Sebacic acid including moisturizing creams/lotions, lip gloss, facial cleanser, and anti-aging creams. It is also used as a pH adjuster and a raw material for many plasticizers such as Dimethyl Sebacate, and Dioctyl Sebacate.

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