Methyl Acetate is a carboxylate ester with a very distinct odor that smells like glue or nail polish remover.

  • CAS #: 79-20-9
  • EINECS #: 201-185-2
  • Synonyms: Acetic Acid Methyl Ester; Methyl Acetate
  • Formula: C3H6O2


Methyl Acetate is a clear colorless liquid that is flammable. Methyl Acetate has a flashpoint of 9 F and evaporation rate of 600.

Hazardous Information:

  • UN: 1231
  • ERG: 129
  • Class: 3
  • Packing Group: II


Methyl acetate is typically used as a volatile low toxicity solvent in glues, paints, and nail polish removers. Other applications include fux cleaners, fragrances, and lacquers.

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