Glycol Ether DB has a very low odor and is clear in color.

  • CAS #: 112-34-5
  • EINECS #: 203-961-6
  • Synonyms: 2 – (2 – Butoxyethoxy) Ethanol; Butoxydiglycol; DB; Diethylene Glycol Butyl Ether; Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
  • Formula: C8H18O3


It is a glycol ether solvent. It has a very low odor and is clear in color, and has a high boiling point and is soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, and acetone. DB is produced by the reaction of ethylene oxide and n-butanol with an alkali catalyst.

Hazardous Information:

  • Not regulated by DOT


Glycol Ether DB is considered a very desirable solvent and coupling agent. It is most commonly used as solvent in paints and varnishes. Other applications include cleaners, brake fluid, floor Wax, and various cosmetic products.

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