Acetonitrile is a colorless liquid and is the simplest of the organic nitriles.

  • CAS #: 75-05-8
  • EINECS #: 200-835-2
  • Synonyms: Cyanomethane • Ethyl Nitrile • Methanecarbonitrile • ACN
  • Formula: CH3CN

Hazardous Information:

  • UN 1648
  • Class 3
  • Packing Group II
  • ERG 127
  • Reportable Quantity


The most frequent application of Acetonitrile is as a polar aprotic solvent in the purification of butadiene in refineries. It is also used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, plastic casts and molds, fibers, and lithium batteries. It is also used as a stabilizer in coating compositions and in the dyeing of certain textiles. Other applications include being used in the manufacturing of photographic films, extracting fatty acids from vegetable and animal oils, and detecting pesticide residues in chemical laboratories.

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