ethylene glycol (MEG)


Acetone is an organic liquid that is colorless and flammable.

  • CAS #: 67-64-1
  • EINECS #: 200-622-2
  • Synonyms: Dimethyl Ketone; DMK; 2 – Propanone
  • Formula: CH3COCH3


Acetone is an organic liquid that is colorless and flammable with a very high evaporation rate of 1440 and a flashpoint of -4 °F, thus making it very volatile. Static discharge can ignite it even though they may be far away due to the vapor trail and volatility. It has a sweet slight aromatic odor almost like a liquor. Acetone is miscible in water. Acetone is completely VOC exempt all over the US and is commonly used in California.

Hazardous Information:

  • UN: 1090
  • ERG: 127
  • Class: 3
  • Packing Group: II


Acetone is the main solvent is most nail polish removers and is commonly found in paint strippers and line flushes. Other applications include inks, adhesives, cleaning fluids, polyurethane foam, varnishes and lacquers.

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