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    Peg 400

    PEG 400 or polyethylene glycol

    PEG 400 is a liquid that is colorless and clear, with a viscous texture.  It is a chemical with a low toxicity and as a result is able to be used in many pharmaceutical applications.

    Soluble in water, benzene, glycols, alcohols, glycerin, acetone and other liquids.

    Polyethylene glycol 400, or PEG 400 is comes from the waste of sugar cane so it is natural and easily obtained.  It is used as a plasticizer, ointment, solvent, surfactant and base for suppositories.  It is also used as a capsule lubricant.

    PEG 400 is also a common medication for dry eyes.  In eye drop format it lubricates the eyes.  Dry eyes can be the result of medications, eye strain from computers, sun and other irritants.  Keeping eyes moist helps protect them from infection, and relieves itching and burning.  A word of caution, like many eye drops you may experience temporary vision blurriness.  Sometimes there might be slight stinging or irritation.  These side effects generally pass, but if they do not, or they get worse contact your doctor.