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    Mineral Oil

    mineral oilMineral Oil has been around for centuries for it’s health benefits.  As a natural oil, it is a lubricant and often used as a laxative.  As like with any other treatment, everyone reacts differently so research is always recommended.

    There are other uses for mineral oil as well.  The pharmaceutical industry uses it to aid in experiments, particularly with cell cultures.  It is used in the Veterinary field for everything from a mild laxative to removing in-shed skin on reptiles.

    Many common lotions, cosmetics and creams contain the oil.  The plant industry uses it mixed with detergent to help control pest infestations.  As a non-conductive fluid it can be used in mechanical and electrical industry.  It can also be used for bikes and auto brakes.

    The oil is also an excellent preservative for wooden kitchen items.  Rubbing wooden utensils, cutting board or dishes help prevent the wood from absorbing odors and flavors.

    The uses are varied and often specialized, as in the gel scented candle industry.