Lyondell Declares Force Majeure on a Multitude of Products

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In a subsequent statement released this morning, Lyondell has also declared force majeure on a multitude of products, including Glycol Ether PM, Glycol Ether DPM, Glycol Ether TPM, Glycol Ether PMA, 1,4-Butanediol, MEG, DEG, TEG, as well as Glycol Ether EB and Glycol Ether DB. This declaration will apply to the entire p-series of glycol ethers and e-series solvents. It also affects glycol ether acetates as well as ethanolamines. This is a direct response to the terrible conditions caused by Hurricane Harvey. It is currently unknown the extent to which this storm will impact Lyondell’s supply. Officials are still evaluating the situation and production capabilities.

“Though the extent of the impact has not yet been fully defined, we are issuing this notification as soon as possible to ensure that you are aware of the situation. We will be contacting you regarding product availability once more details are identified.”

Be sure to reach out to your dedicated GreenChem sales representative for further insight on the latest chemical news and how this latest report might effect you. For further details, please read the official Lyondell statements below.

Lyondell Force Majeure Statement – P-Series

Lyondell Force Majeure Statement – 1,4-BDO

Lyondell Force Majeure Statement – Ethylene Oxide

Lyondell Force Majeure Statement – E-Series

Keep checking for the latest updates on this situation.

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