Lyondell E-Series Glycol Ethers Getting Increases

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With recent news that Lyondell’s P-Series of glycol ethers were getting an increase, it should come as no surprise that the Lyondell E-Series Glycol Ethers are, likewise, getting rasied prices, beginning September 1, 2016.

Lyondell E-Series Glycol Ethers Price Increase

The new increase will effect Lyondell’s Glycol Ether EB and EB Acetate; Glycol Ether DB and DB Acetate; and Glycol Ether DE. The anticipated increase is $0.04 per pound for each material, with more upcharges dependent upon region. GreenChem is reiterating to everyone to meticulously scrutinize current inventory, as well as expected purchasing objectives to take advantage of the current lower pricing.

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For more details regarding this price increase, please find the official Lyondell press release here.

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