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Supply Chain Management

GreenChem Industries is one of the fastest growing national chemical distributors with a globalized supply network. Our system creates value through an exceptional infrastructure and unprecedented integration of supply and demand protocols that outperforms the competition by designing, implementing, controlling, and auditing resources.

Logistics & Operations

GreenChem does it all! From receiving to shipping, importing to exporting, trans-loading to storing, bulk breakdown to custom packaging, we provide a wide range of supply chain strategies, upholding supreme safety measurements and ensuring order efficiency.

Import & Export

We make it simple. GreenChem combines local and global supply chain expertise affording you flexible logistic options adaptable to your needs. From ocean to air, rail to truck, we supply our customers nearly unlimited opportunities in a global marketplace. Experienced, in-house multi-lingual import and export specialists integrate unrivaled service and support, superior quality, and environmental health and safety measures at every step.

Saving Time & Money

Incorporating time-tested technology and strategy, GreenChem adds value and improves efficiency across the board. Through remote inventory surveyance, we guarantee accuracy, eliminating sudden stockouts and improving forecasts by managing resources in real time. Through our personal and automated order fulfillment process, we help reduce paperwork and administrative costs, which allows for the direct exchange of all inbound and outbound documents for our customers, including purchase orders, sales confirmations, and invoices.

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