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    Heat Transfer Fluid

    A heheat transfer fluidat transfer fluid is a fluid that is used in applications that require large temperature swings during the processing.  Essentially the heat transfer fluid facilitates the transfer of temperature.  Hot or cold, the fluid does the work from one part of the process to the other.  Heat transfer fluid is also a key factor in regulating the temperature of a process.

    This is a useful feature in many industries, as an example, in the food industry.  There are many processes which need to hold a constant temperature but it needs  be non-toxic.

    Heat pumps, pharmaceutical industry, solar power and the beverage industry are just some of the industries that use heat transfer fluids.  These fluids are engineered particularly for different uses and industries.  While water and steam are naturally derived heat transfer fluids, the fluids that are engineered have more temperature capacity and greater control.