ExxonMobil Phthalates Getting More Increases

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Additional reports from the ExxonMobil Chemical Company indicate additional price increases for many of their Jayflex™ branded plasticizers. This new increase applies to ExxonMobil Phthalates, and will be effective September 15, 2016.

ExxonMobil Phthalates Price Increase

The effected products are all grades of the Jayflex™ Plasticizers, including DIDP, DIDP-E, DTDP, and any associated blends of the products. These are seeing a $0.04 per pound increase. Furthermore, Jayflex™ TINTM and Jayflex™ DINA will see a $0.02 per pound increase. This increase comes as a reaction to analyzed market condition of propylene, a key component in these plasticizers.

For more details regarding this price increase, please find the official ExxonMobil press release here.

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