Exxon Mobil Price Increase. Feb 1st, 2021

In Pricing by PattyH

Effective February 1, 2021, ExxonMobil Chemical Company will increase its selling prices for all branched Jayflex Plasticizers (Jayflex DINP, Jayflex DIDP, Jayflex DIDP-E, Jayflex DTDP, Jayflex TINTM, Jayflex DINA, Jayflex MB-10) and associated blends by eight (8) cts/lb and all linear Jayflex Plasticizers (Jayflex L9P, Jayflex L911P, Jayflex L11P, and Jayflex L11P-E) by ten (10) cts/lb. The increase will be accomplished via removal of competitive allowances not to exceed current list prices or other contractual agreements.

All terms, conditions, and differentials will remain the same.

This action is necessary due to the increasing costs of all key plasticizer feedstocks including propylene, ethylene, and orthoxylene.

Click here to see the official announcement.

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