Exxon Mobil Hydrocarbon Fluids Price Increase. December 17th, 2020

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Effective December 17, 2020 (unless otherwise specified by contract),
ExxonMobil Chemical Company (EMCC) will increase its prices for the following hydrocarbon fluids by up to five (5.0) ¢/lb:

All grades of ExxonMobil™ Aromatic 100, Aromatic 150, and Aromatic 150 ND Fluids
All grades of Solvesso™ 100 and Solvesso™ 150 Fluids
HAN™ 906 fluid, 606 Solvent Fluid, ExxonMobil™ Solvent Naphtha L and Solvent Naphtha M Fluids
All Exx-wash™ Fluids
All Exxsol™ de-aromatized fluids
All Escaid™, Somentor™, AROL™, and Exxon™ CF Fluids
All Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS)
All Exxprint™ Fluids
All Varsol™ Fluids
All grades of ExxonMobil™ Hexane and Heptane Fluids
Charcoal Lighter Fluids 104 & 105
1520 Naphtha

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