GreenChem Industries has the network to purchase, transport and deliver ethylene glycol in a timely manner, and at a competitive price. We supply products in a variety of forms including small packaging, pails, drums, totes and bulk.
  • Packing – Bulk, Tank Truck, Drums (new & reconditioned).
  • Bulk and tank trucks loads are approximately 44,000 lbs.
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    Ethylene Glycol

    ethylene glycolEthylene glycol is a colorless, odorless viscous liquid with a sweet taste.  It is commonly used for antifreeze purposes and in the polyester fiber manufacturing industry, as a raw material.

    A little bit of fun history, ethylene glycol is rumored to have first been produced in 1859 by a French chemist by the name of Charles-Adolph Wurtz.  In 1925 the first large commercial plant was opened in West Virginia.

    Ethylene glycol is a common part of our everyday lives, it is part of many things we take for granted, such as air conditioning, cars and even computers.  It is part of the de-icing fluids and even part of preserving organs.

    Many people are aware of the poisonous effect, anti-freeze poisoning is something many parents are warned about.  Due to the sweet taste it is a chemical that can easily attract animals and children.  The toxicity first affects the central nervous system, then the heart and kidneys.  If untreated, poisoning can be fatal.