Eastman Chemical Company Announces Price Increases

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Effective October 1, 2019 Eastman Chemical Company will increase pricing on the following products:

  • ACIDS: EastmanTM Propionic Acid (all grades)–>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
  • ALCOHOLS: EastmanTM n-Propyl Alcohol–> 0.04/LB & 0.09/KG
  • ALDEHYDES: EastmanTM Propionaldehyde–>0.04/LB & 0.09/KG
    • Eastman™Cellulose Acetate(CA-398-10NF/EP)–>7%
    • Eastman™ Cellulose Acetate (CA-320S NF/EP)–>7%
    • Eastman™ Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB-171-15NF)–>7%
  • GLYCOLS: Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol (all grades)–>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM DB Acetate –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM DB Solvent (all grades) –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM DE Solvent (all grades) –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM EB Acetate –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM EB Solvent (all grades) –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM EP Solvent (all grades) –>0.03/LB & 0.07/KG
    • EastmanTM n-Propyl Acetate –>0.04/LB & 0.09/KG
    • EastmanTM Ethyl Acetate (Urethane) –>0.02/LB & 0.04/KG

Click here for more information on Eastman increases of GLYCOL ETHERS and GLYCOL ETHERS ESTERS.

Be sure to reach out to your dedicated GreenChem Sales Rep for further insight on the latest chemical news and how these recent increases might effect you

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