DOW Surfactant Price Increase. April 1st, 2021

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Effective April 1, 2021, or as contracts allow, The Dow Chemical Company, on behalf of itself
and its applicable consolidated subsidiaries (“Dow”) will increase list and off-list pricing on all
grades and package types of the following Surfactant products in North America.

DOWFAX™ 2A1, 3B2, 8390, C6L, C10L $0.05
TRITON™ BG-10, CG-50, CG-110, CG-600, CG-650, CG-425 $0.05
TERGITOL™ L-61, L-62, L-64, L-81, L-101 and XDLW $0.05
POLYGCL EP 1660, EP 436, EP 530 $0.05
ECOSURF™ LFE-1410, LFE-635 $0.05
ECOSURF™ EH-3, EH-6, EH-9, EH-9 (90%), EH-40 (75%), EH-14 (90%) $0.05
ECOSURF™ SA-4, SA-7, SA-9 $0.05
TERGITOL™ 15-S-3, 15-S-5, 15-S-7, 15-S-9, 15-S-12, 15-S-15, 15-S-20, 15-S-30, 15-S-40 $0.05

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