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    D-Limonene has many uses and applications.  It is derived from citrus, making it a healthier replacement for many more toxic chemicals such as solvents.  The product is a part of the oil from citrus fruit rinds.

    D-Limonene is very effective cleaning grease and oil so is often used for cleaning concrete.  It is also a strong paint remover and is used as a low toxic graffiti cleaner.  Since D-Limonene is a natural derivative it is often used in household products as a safer alternative than an industrial product.

    Just in the cleaning department, it is used in everything from bathroom & carpet stain cleaners to car wash soaps and floor scrubbers.  As a very affective grease cutter as well as a deodorizer, the uses span many industries.  Versatile and non-toxic, it is even used in the cosmetic & fragrance industry.