COVID-19 Lockdowns in China Exacerbating Congestion

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Dear Valued Customer, 

Due to the high infection rate and recent increase in new COVID-19 cases, Shanghai has been declared a high-risk area. Government officials are now requiring truck drivers to be tested for infection upon entering and exiting the city, which is causing significant delays.

Additionally, lockdowns in three cities within the Hebei Province have made on-road transportation between high-traffic areas exceedingly difficult. As a result of new government restrictions and the approach of the Lunar New Year holiday, many truckers are avoiding travel at all costs and returning to their hometowns – decreasing the number of drivers available to transport goods.

Furthermore, the suspension of barge operators, who assist in transitioning cargo from land to sea, is continuing. These developments combined with current historical volumes are expected to add to overall congestion.

We highly encourage you to contact your sales or customer service representative to discuss how these developments effect your individual circumstance and possible solutions to reduce any potential impact. In the meantime, we will continue to closely monitor these situations and will issue periodic updates as we know more about how your business may be affected.