GreenChem Industries has the network to purchase, transport and deliver perchloroethylene in a timely manner, and at a competitive price. We supply products in a variety of forms including small packaging, pails, drums, totes and bulk.
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    Canadian Perchloroethylene, PERC

    canadian Perchloroethylene PERC supplierGreenChem has the industry contacts to be your Canadian perchloroethylene PERC source. PERC is a liquid, colorless, with a sweet smell. It is a volatile chemical, manufactured and commonly used in the dry cleaning industry. PERC is also used in other chemicals, such as insulating fluids, rubber coatings, chloroflourocarbons, cooling gas in transformers and other various uses. Perchloroethylene can also be an ingredient in printing inks, paint removers, aerosols, sealants, car cleaners, silicones, lubricants and the list goes on!

    PERC is toxic and extended exposure can cause health issues.

    High exposure can lead to central nervous system issues, and long term may damage the liver, kidneys and even cause memory loss, dry skin, respiratory failure and confusion.

    Short term exposure can cause everything health issues.  Dizziness, irritated eyes & nose, headaches, shortness of breath, lung irritation and more. If you work with Perchloroethylene, such as in the dry cleaning or laundry industry you should watch for these symptoms. If you experience any such symptoms see you medical professional.