Calumet Specialty Products Increase

In Pricing by John Lagae

Effective October 15, 2018 Calumet Specialty Products will increase List and Off-List pricing on the following Hydrocarbon Products listed below.

Aliphatic Solvents: Hexane, Heptane, 180-210, 195-208, 210-245, 200-230, VM&P Regular/Rule66/<1%, 300-360<1%, Mineral Spirits Regular/Rule 66/<1%, 142 Flash
<1%/Rule 66, 400-500 Solvent, K-1 Kerosene, Calprint 35, Calprint 38, 420-460, LVP
100, LVP 200, LVP 300, 600 Solvent, Cal-lite, Lantern Fuel, Rubber Solvent, LVT
200, LVT 205, LVT 210, PA 200, WP 145, ALL CALSIA Products.
All CONOSOL® Products; All DRAKESOL ® Products; ALL MAGIESOL ® Products

Calumet Pricing Increase

All orders shipped after 11:59 P. M. October 14, 2018 are subject to new pricing. Recent increases in crude oil and hydrocarbon feedstock are the primary factors for this price movement. Calumet will continue to review pricing as energy markets and crude oil remain volatile.