CG Sealer 5 gallonConcrete CG Sealer 5 gallonThe 5 gallon GC Sealer is specially designed for the protection of concrete substrates against temperature and moisture associated problems such as damage caused by repeated freeze and thaw cycles, chloride ion penetration, as well as alkali silica reactions.

GC Sealer provides three active processes for concrete protection in all weather conditions by formation of two types of crystals as well as providing water repellent protection.  The two hygroscopic crystal properties provide double and durable protection against moisture penetration in concrete as well as all absorbent masonry substrates.

5 gallon GC Sealer Protectant is engineered to protect cured concrete and masonry surfaces in one application and will not alter the color or appearance of the applied substrate.

Treatable Materials; Concrete and like substrates (roofs, driveways, etc.) Air Taxiways, Aircraft Parking, Bridges, Tunnels, Concrete Roads, Highways, Parking Lots, Buildings, Sea Ports, Walkways.

HAZMAT SHIPPING FEE INCLUDED / Currently Available in a 55 & 5 gallon size, as well as bulk, 275 gallon totes and pallets of 48 x 5 gallon pails.

  • GreenChem GC Sealer provides long lasting internal waterproofing and moisture blocking
  • The Sealer Protects reinforcing steel bars against corrosion
  • Prevents penetration of chloride ions from deicing salts
  • Eliminates damage caused by repeated freezing and thawing cycles
  • Currently Available in a 55 & 5 gallon size, as well as bulk and pallets of 48 x 5 gallon pails
  • Prevents concrete scaling / Seals and protects cracks up to 1/16th in. / 1.5 mm

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